About Artshack

Artshack Brooklyn is a registered 501 c(3) organization. We offer everything you can imagine relating to ceramics: hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, plaster mold making and slipcasting.

We believe in strengthening kids' critical-thinking abilities. At Artshack, kids learn that the design process, just like many things in life, is rarely a smooth succession of steps. The steps often overlap and blur, and their order is sometimes reversed—it's a creative, fluid way of working that is adapted to each individual situation. Although our students create beautiful lasting pieces, our focus is on skills rather than finished products.

The Founders

Dany Rose & McKendree Key

Dany Rose & McKendree Key

McKendree Key is a professional artist with over 15 years of teaching experience.  She is a native New Yorker and taught art with Studio in a School for 7 years. She has taught workshops at Socrates Sculpture Park ,  P.S.1, and The Whitney Museum of American Art. She taught art education at Pratt Institute for 3 years. She has exhibited her work at P.S.1, The Sculpture Center, CUE Art Foundation, The Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Socrates Sculpture Park, and The Brooklyn Museum, among other venues. 
In 2008 she founded The ArtShack, and began working with Dany in 2011.

Dany Rose, Maker of things. Originally from Germany, she studied Product Design at Art Center in Switzerland and Los Angeles and completed her MDes in Milan, Italy. She  moved to Brooklyn in 1999 because she fell in love with her now husband and father of two daughters on the first day of her NYC trip. As product designer she has worked on high end home accessories and bathroom fixtures but her personal work stands very much in contrast to the machined and polished design world. It is experimental playful and conceptual. In 2009 she founded a design after school program (Kinder Design Factory) offering a space for kids to invent and make functional objects. In 2011 McKendree and Dany decided to join art and design forces as ArtshackBrooklyn.

The Crew

Ash Donnelly- Studio Manager: My name is Ash. I received my BFA in Art and Design Education from Pratt Institute where I discovered my driven passion for ceramics. I believe in approaching teaching as a form of social engagement, and hope to empower people to find their own language through visual mediums. Clay has always seemed so special to me because of its tactile nature, and I love to see the endless ways that others can express themselves through the process of making. Beyond my career as an artist and teacher, I am a dog lover, an avid hiker, and a musician.


Dan Mandelbaum- Tech, Consulting and Creative is a Brooklyn based artist who graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016. Dan loads and fixes our kilns and is an integral part of Artshack.  His focus is in ceramic sculpture, but media includes painting, drawing, stone carving and animation. He is interested in portraying humor in art.



Sam Kelly – Director of Kids and Community Programs is an artist and educator from Florida. Over the last decade she has taught art to people of many ages in many settings, including public schools, museums, after school programs, a children’s library at the base of an active volcano, and a ship in the middle of the sea. Her teaching is rooted in cultural responsiveness, positive youth development, and critical pedagogy. She aims to create moments where participants learn from one another, create artistic community, hone critical thinking skills, build empathy, chase curiosity, and envision new ways of being.

“Knowledge becomes an instrument of promise.” -Dwayne Huebner 



Lindsey Schneider is a potter whose line of functional works, Little Bear Pots, draws inspiration from the industrial landscape of Red Hook, Brooklyn--not-quite-parallel lines, layered geometric patterns, stacked rectangles and squares, black and white. Outside of the studio, she's also a documentary filmmaker.


Alayna Wiley is a ceramicist and an art educator with a passion for cultivating self knowledge through creative expression. As a Studio Assistant at The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2013-present) she identifies artistic concepts from art objects in the galleries and helps to make them accessible inspiration sources for art creation in the studio. In her own artistic practice Alayna has explored the behaviors of a range of media including glass, paper, textiles, wood, pigment, film and dance. Focusing on ceramics for the past seven years she deepened her practice at craft schools across the nation including, Oxbow School of Art, Haystack Mountain School of Craft, Penland School or Craft, and Anderson Ranch Arts Center. She welcomes you to center yourself as you center the clay!


Ryan Rennie is a sculptor and installation artist specializing in hand-built and cast forms, in addition to other making processes. Rennie has taught ceramics at a variety of institutions such as Alfred University, The Maryland Institute College of Art, Greenwich House Pottery, and BKLYN CLAY. He received his MFA from Alfred University in 2017 and is currently exhibiting work at The Delaware Art Museum.  www.ryanrennie.com


Ivan Samuels is a potter and teacher that creates functional wheel thrown clay vessels. He has been committed to the clay medium for fourteen years studying ceramics in Boston and New York City. His love for nature and earthy utilitarian pottery has helped mold his vision in ceramics. His mission is to share the beauty and endless possibilities of the clay medium and how it can bring joy, clarity, and freedom to the human spirit.


Adams Puryear explores the Internet’s convoluted information and how this can be represented by tactile materials and different media. Currently based in Brooklyn, he received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004 and an MFA from Indiana University in 2012. Adams is also the founder of FPOAFM Nomadic Studios, a project-driven experimental art/craft collective engaged in functional ceramic art discourse.  www.adamspuryear.net


David Hollingsworth has been practicing ceramics since 2009, focusing on hand building and mostly making functional work. A maker and designer since childhood, he fell in love with clay when he first started taking classes at a community studio in Queens and now teaches at 4 NYC studios. David loves that clay never gets boring, and believes that it’s important for us to make things by hand as a way to stay connected to nature and community. www.cavework.com

Artshack's Board of Directors


         Danika Laszuk

         Anastasia Konecky

         Frances Jin

         Gina Merrill

         Heather Hart

        Jacob Metsa

         McKendree Key

         Dany Rose


Advisors to the Board

Doreen DeLeon

Bliss Broyard

Demetria Chappo-profile.png

Demetria Chappo is a Brooklyn-based artist and ceramist. She is one of the founding Directors of Brooklyn Clay Tour and has taught ceramics to children and adults throughout New York for over six years. 
Her ceramic line, Demetria Chappo Ceramics is inspired by organic and architectural form, intricate surfaces and textures, and universal symbolism, recalling elements of the deep South, Gulf Coast and waterfront of NYC where she’s lived and has a studio, along with the spirited iconography of the universe, earth and waters. Originally from Louisiana, she received a BFA from the University of Utah and currently lives in the Columbia Waterfront and works from her studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  www.demetriachappo.com / instagram @demedemedeme

Sandra Javera_foto de Leandro Viana.jpg

Sandra Javera was born São Paulo, Brazil and lives in New  York since 2012. She graduated in architecture and works as an illustrator since 2010 Her main interests are children books, exploring tridimensional objects with ceramics and sculptures, and thinking of spaces and places through drawings. In 2018  she joined Artschack as an Afterschool instructor. www.sandrajavera.com


Nala Turner is a Brooklyn-based ceramics artist working primarily with themes related to cultural identity, femininity, social stereotype and popular culture perspectives. She has been working with clay for 8 years, operating as an instructor in numerous camps, workshop, and private-lesson settings. In her own practice, Nala has explored the ardor of various mediums including printmaking, wood, stone, concrete, metal, fibers, and found objects. Nala holds a B.F.A from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO with a concentration in Ceramics and is currently pursuing her M.P.S. in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Her mission is to share clay-work’s ability to create a symbol of one’s inner world or living experiences, to bring insight to one’s Self, and its contributions to overall healing and well being. You can connect with Nala Turner on Instagram @carlynne.ceramics, or get in contact at carlynne.ceramics@gmail.com.


Astrid Terrazas is a Brooklyn-based artist, originally from Dallas, TX. She got her BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute in May 2018. Her love for clay began in high school and quickly seeped into her illustration practice.  She loves the West Texas desert, butterflies, and watching her students thrive!