Assistant Afterschool Instructor

What is Artshack?

Artshack Brooklyn is a nonprofit ceramics and art studio. We offer classes, workshops & parties for all ages. We are located at 1131 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY.

We offer everything you can imagine relating to ceramics: hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, plaster mold making and slip-casting.

We believe in strengthening kids' critical-thinking abilities. At Artshack, kids learn that the design process, just like many things in life, is rarely a smooth succession of steps. The steps often overlap and blur, and their order is sometimes reversed—it's a creative, fluid way of working that is adapted to each individual situation. Although our students create beautiful lasting pieces, our focus is on skills rather than finished products


Artshack After School

Every weekday afternoon Artshack offers a course in ceramics just for kids! Typically at 4:00 pm while everyone arrives, we share stories and laughs over  a bowl of animal crackers & pretzels. Soon after, the Director  presents the day’s project, and demonstrates techniques. Children are guided through setting up their work space and provided with the necessary supplies. For the bulk of the class, the students work on their ceramic pieces.  Before dismissal at 5:30 pm, it is important that all the students participate in returning the space to its original, clean and orderly state.


Assistant Instructor

This is an entry level position with room for growth.  As Assistant Instructor you will work alongside the Director of Afterschool to guide students in fun and engaging art activities.

Must be available at least three weekday afternoons per week 3:00-6:00 Between January 8 - June 22, with occasional additional trainings. And option to continue on in different capacity over spring/ summer.

Meet with Director and prepare for class

    • Discuss Lesson Plan for the day

    • Review teaching strategies for project

    • Prepare clay for each student

    • Prepare tools & additional materials if required

Lead children through Fun Art Lessons

    • Give hands on support and guidance to children as they work on their ceramic pieces. -This could include free sketching, sculpting, glazing and more….

    • Occasionally Demonstrate the project and clay techniques to the group or an individual child

    • Find creative and fun ways to keep students engaged and interested in their ceramic works

    • Tell fun stories while we work

    • Provide encouraging feedback to children as they work on their pieces.

    • Provide necessary supplies when required, through-out class


Clean up Time!

    • Gain familiarity with the ArtShack studio and supply area to best assist students in returning all tools to their proper homes.

    • Guide children through the process of putting away all their supplies and cleaning up after themselves

    • Help make sure all the ceramic pieces are properly labeled with the child’s name & class day

    • Help make sure that clean up is as fun as it can be


Assist in Dismissal

    • Help children as they finish cleaning, while the Director makes sure each child is accompanied by their adult as they leave.

    • If cleaning is done, entertain students with fun or reading books.


Final clean-up

    • Help make sure the space is returned to its organized state

    • Help bring finished pieces downstairs to be fired in the kilns

    • Occasionally discuss future lessons with Director



 The ideal candidates for this position are enthusiastic artists who have a passion for art education and experience with ceramics

  • Experience with making art, ideally in Ceramics

  • Experience with working with a group of children

  • Enjoys working with a group of children

  • Patient and kind with children

  • Punctual and flexible

  • Comfortable getting messy

  • Excels at having fun, energizing students about art and ceramics

  • Excellent at following instructions

  • Takes initiative, finds ways to be helpful without needing to be asked

  • Happy to help with cleanup

 How to Apply:

In order to apply send the following to

1. Cover Letter

2. Resume

3. Ideal days of the week you will be available between 3:30 - 6:00

4. Link to website (if you have one) or up to 10 images of your own art work