Artshack Brooklyn believes that everyone benefits from working with clay, but the cost is often prohibitive. Since 2016, Artshack Kickback has provided 156 scholarships for local children who could not otherwise afford to attend our camp and after school programs. We also launched Community Days this fall, where we open our doors once a month for members of the Bedford-Stuyvesant community to get their hands on clay free of charge.

$25.00  Will pay for one person to come to Open Clay Time

$50.00   Will pay for one parent/child team to take a wheel lesson

$100.00  Will pay for a family of 4 to take a class together

$585.00 Will pay for the fall semester of afterschool for one child

$1,000.00 Will pay for the spring semester of afterschool for one child

$1,500.00 Will pay for an entire year of afterschool for one child

$250.00 Will Sponsor 1/8 of a Community Clay Day, serving 7 people

$500.00 Will sponsor 1/4 of a Community Clay Day, serving 15 people

$1,000.00 Will sponsor 1/2 of a Community Clay Day, serving 30 people

$2,000.00 Will sponsor an entire Community Clay Day, serving 60 people

$5,200 Will pay for one year of weekly art classes for our school partnership prograf


In 2018 alone, in addition to serving 300 kids through after school and camp programs, as well as more than 250 adults, Artshack:

• Provided full scholarships to one-quarter of our summer campers.

• Filled 25% of afterschool spaces with students needing full scholarships.  

• Held four community days serving 232 people from the Bedford-Stuyvesant community.

• Held 3 special workshops with master artists free of charge to the community

• Launched a 100% subsidized school partnership with Bedford Academy High, a local high-performing majority minority and low-income high school, where students attend a weekly ceramics class,

which is their only access to visual arts.

• Held our first annual Feast Gala to support our school partnerships.

• Held our 5th annual Holiday Sale to support our scholarships through the sales of kid-designed ceramics.

• Received 60 donations of ceramic pieces from our ceramic community members for the Feast and Holiday sale for a total value of $14,000.

• Provided week-long residencies to 30 artists

• Provided meaningful work and a very fair wage to 25 teaching artists, plus health care to our full-time team of 5.

• Went through 54,750 pounds of clay (equivalent to 4 T-Rex’s!)

Artshack accomplished all this AMAZING work with our small team and the help and dedication of our members, volunteer community and our cherished donors. We want to do more. Through this work, we have witnessed the urgent need for more community arts and affordable afterschool programs in Bed-Stuy, where one-third of families live below the poverty line (compared to 20% nationwide).

“[Artshack] is a wonderful experience that expresses another side of me. Although I am not good at it, I love doing art because I find it so fun and creative.”

12th grader, Bedford Academy

[Artshack] is a way to release my stress from the academic day.”

11th grader, Bedford Academy


Teen Members


Free Community Clay Days







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