Stay tuned, it’s in the works!


The Artshack Clay Cab

The Artshack Clay Cab, our newest outreach program, will bring a pop-up clay studio to schools and community organizations throughout Brooklyn, furthering our mission to make ceramic arts accessible to our community regardless of experience, skills, and socio-economic status.

What is it?

The Artshack Clay Cab is a mobile ceramics studio in a cargo van. The Clay Cab holds everything you need to create handbuilt ceramics.

Who is it for?

The Artshack Clay Cab is for everyone–students, seniors, people living in shelters, detained youth, community centers, and more. Like a New York City taxi, we go wherever we’re called!

Why does it matter?

Access to quality arts education shouldn’t depend on income, location, or ability. And yet, it often does. The Artshack Clay Cab will expand our mission to bring the healing powers of clay to all of our community members–even if they can’t come to us.

The Takeaway

Over many years of teaching art, we’ve experienced the magic that art-making creates. A class of kindergarteners, spell-bound before a painting. A child known for acting out in class, focusing diligently on his sculpture. A child who struggles to read and write telling her story through drawing. All people deserve the chance to surprise themselves, their peers, their families, and their teacher by showing another side of them.

With the Artshack Clay Cab, that opportunity is on the way.