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What do you like most about ceramics?

I am drawn to ceramics for it's meditative qualities. As a practice, you have to be fully immersed once you begin. You're covered with clay making it difficult to give in to distractions (specifically those that crop up on your phone). To me, the act of centering itself is a physical representation of the process of centering myself mentally; sometimes it's more challenging than others, some days it's near impossible, but when it happens, it's totally blissful.

What inspires you to make?

I am inspired by color and finding new ways to incorporate it into a functioning piece. 

What are your favorite methods of working with ceramics?

I definitely prefer the wheel. I have a tendency to seek out order and structure in shape so a having a tool that assists me in creating vessels that are at least heading that way is super gratifying. I am trying to release some of that control, though, and starting to peek into the world of handbuilding! 

If you had any advice for someone who is looking to learn ceramics, what would it be?

Patience is not something that comes easily to me, but patience is an absolute must when it comes to ceramics. If the clay isn't dry enough, it's not going to work. If you aren't quite at the level to throw a closed form, it's not going to work. Learn to hone your patience and to appreciate the process for what it is would be my advice to someone just starting out! And also, don't take yourself too seriously - it's really really all about having fun and letting go!

How do you think of what to make next? Do you have any upcoming projects youā€™d like to share?

I am starting work on a full dishware set for a friend. I'm not the best with throwing repeated forms, so the hesitation with starting the process is definitely there, but I'm really excited to give her the final product, so the process will all be worth it :)