Field Trips + Studio Tours

We believe in the healing powers of clay! Come visit us to learn more about the magic of ceramics!


Field Trip + DEMO

We can accomodate Elementary, Middle and Upper School groups of up to 30 students.

Get a behind the scenes look at how ceramic sculptures and vessels get made in a community setting. Learn about our clay recycling system and five kilns that fire our ceramics that get 2,200 degrees F! Watch an amazing wheel throwing demonstration from an expert ceramicist!


Field Trip + PROJECT

We can accomodate Elementary, Middle, and Upper School groups of up to 20 students.

After exploring the behind the scenes of our community ceramics studio, take a seat around our giant table!

Work with one of our amazing teaching artists to design a fun project that suits your needs

  • pinch pots

  • coil pots inspired by ancient people

  • figurine

IMG_7177 (1).jpg

Studio Tour

This option is designed for university students and adults! Get a full tour of our studio space with a concentration in any area of interest that pertains to you : wheel throwing, handbuilding, glaze mixing, kiln firing, clay recycling etc… You will have the option to work with one of our studio technicians to customize the tour to your needs.