"Bone Dry," Hyeree Ro

Oct 19, 2023


Nov 19, 2023

Artshack Brooklyn is pleased to present the work of Artist In Residence, Hyeree Ro, curated by Alva Calymayor. Created in collaboration with Field Projects.

During her residency, artist Hyeree Ro has been constructing sealed ceramic shapes. Some contain inscriptions, drawings, and smaller objects. Her practice explores concepts of concealment, obscurity, and inaccessibility. The various elements and forms in Hyeree’s installation are the result of a thought process that provides a personal and reflective dimension to this exploration. The contrast between loose, natural shapes and structured, gridded patterns allude to an organic approach to the world confined within rigid environments. 

Symbolizing grids, calendars, time, and letters, the artist views the tiles as a metaphor for an organized world. A formal contrast to and enhancement of the freeform shapes. These freeform shapes, both large and small, coexist on top of arranged tiles. Our understanding of them is limited to the extent that they serve as containers for something we are unable to comprehend fully unless the vessel's structure is breached and the contents are revealed.

The works that form part of  "Bone Dry," make reference to both the subject matter and the medium. Beyond its ceramic connotation, bone dry refers to the transformations we go through in our lives and afterward, ultimately returning to the elemental essence of physical matter.

Hyeree Ro
Hyeree Ro
Alva Calymayor
Residency & Gallery Director

Hyeree Ro, AIR

Hyeree Ro is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, primarily working with sculptural objects and multi-lingual fractured narrative-based performance. Her practice is informed by her experience as a child of an immigrant growing up in California and her subsequent return to Korea as a teenager and then to the US as an international student. As a constant migrant passing through various immigrant statuses and encountering disparities in class and wealth, Ro interweaves her family history, places, language, body, movement, and stories into her practice.

Ro has exhibited at the Leeum Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), SVA CP Project Space (New York, NY), Project Space SARUBIA (Seoul, Korea), NARS Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Korean Culture Centre (Ottawa, Canada), Ilmin Museum of Art (Seoul, Korea), Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Mine, Japan) amongst others. She holds an MFA in Sculpture from Yale School of Art (2021) and a BFA from Korea National University of Arts (2017).

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