When Clay Sings

Jan 12, 2024


Jan 31, 2024

Artshack & Keepsake Gallery Presents When Clay Sings, a window installation curated by Keepsake Gallery Director Alva Calymayor. With artwork by Teaching Artists and Artshack Afterschool Kids

The selection of works explores ideas based on the book by Byrd Baylor by the same name, "When Clay Sings." The book explores the notion that while objects can’t really speak, taking the time to study them may help in discovering some information about their maker and the potentiality for their use. As Byrd believed, listening carefully to objects and asking them the appropriate questions will allow you to "hear" their stories.

Viewers are encouraged to reflect and ask themselves questions, such as; was the work poked, pinched, twisted or rolled? Have the pieces been collaboratively created or did they originate from one individual? As a result of their form, perspective, and shape, you might be able to obtain a deeper understanding of the ideas that each artist is pursuing.

Alva Calymayor
Residency & Gallery Director
Alina Patrick
Meghan Aubuchon
Studio and Production Technician
Elycia Castaneda
Katie Malnati
Studio Manager & Community Outreach

Sketch with us

We encourage you to stop by, bring a notebook, take a look and have some family conversations. Or better yet!…enter Keepsake as historians, as archeologists, ask each other questions about the objects that you see, how was it made? What can it be used for? And if this work belongs to your kid, then you can invite them to share their process with you.

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