Yvette Molina

Sep 16, 2021


Nov 18, 2021

We are proud to announce B.Y.O.G. (Build Your Own God), And Other Ideas for a Kinder World, a solo show by our summer 2021 Artist In Residence, Yvette Molina.

The main character in B.Y.O.G. is the Coywolf Guardian (they/them), an imaginary creature procreated during a night that Saint Christopher, Anubis, and  Coyote spent together. Egyptian god Anubis bequeaths his role as a nonjudgmental guide through transformation. Christian saint Christopher confers his guardianship of travelers, and Coyote, the Native trickster god, reminds us that play and mischief are sensible routes to truth, freedom, and joy.  

Coywolf Guardian belongs to Molina’s ongoing New Pantheon series, a constellation of newly imagined gods uniquely equipped to heal the systemic crises of our modern age. New Pantheon reflects the artist’s conception of art as a communal, creative force that can change the world.

Presented as a large-scale ceramic sculpture, Coywolf Guardian is adorned in an elaborate costume sewn by the artist. Each element holds a specific intention. The Native jingle skirt is for healing. The beaded gashkibidaagan ceremonial bag is modeled after those worn by the artist’s Chippewa grandparents. The seven-foot, felted cape - a symbol of comfort and protection - will accrue objects contributed by visitors.  

In B.Y.O.G. Coywolf Guardian is surrounded by ceramic boats and waves. Each boat in the show is a votive wish. Many follow the nautic tradition of having their names painted on their sides. These allude to healers and elders, like Abuela, in honor of ancestral wisdom; Flora, referring to the knowledge that plants carry within them; حب, which translates as LOVE in Arabic.

A sumptuous altar clad in blue velvet completes the exhibition. It showcases over 20 guest artists from Yvette’s community. These works demonstrate the idea that our collective energy is changing the world and that each of us holds the power of creativity, connection, and repair. Together, the world is ours to remake.

For the duration of the show the artist invites the public to bring a small symbolic object of “care” to be permanently sewn onto the cape of the Coywolf. These objects can be a small memento, photo, or written note that speaks to how and what we wish to be cared for. The purpose is to bring attention to the ways we can choose to look after one another and in so doing, mend the world.

We will be hosting an opening reception on Thursday, September 16th, 6:00-9:00pm. The exhibition will be on view until November 14th, 2021.

Yvette Molina

B.Y.O.G. (Build Your Own God), And Other Ideas for a Kinder World

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